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Brand New and Now Available at ADK .

EcoFlow RIVER Pro

With a massive 720Wh of battery capacity. RIVER Pro is the powerhouse for your off-grid adventure. Power up to 9 devices at once with all the ports you’ll need and recharge  from 0-80% in under an hour, or to full in 96 minutes via car, solar, or standard AC outlets.

Step into the wild with a massive 720Wh of battery capacity. RIVER Pro is the powerhouse for your off-grid adventure. Keep multiple devices powered on at once and recharge in record times via car, solar, or standard AC outlets.

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EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station


RIVER 2 Max fully charges 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market . In only 60 minutes fully charge RIVER 2 Max while you pack your bags, so you’ll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

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Delivery in 5-7 working days from our off-site warehouse.

RIVER 2 fully charges 5x faster than other portable power stations on the market . In only 60 minutes fully charge RIVER 2 while you pack your bags, so you’ll always be ready for a last-minute trip.

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ECOFLOW RIVER 2 Portable Power Station – 256Wh LFP battery – 300W Output 110W Solar input – SA Socket


Delivery in 5-7 working days from our off-site warehouse.

DJI Mini 3

DJI Mini 3 is a compact, ultra-lightweight camera drone built for adventure. It features extended battery life, detail-rich 4K HDR video, and fun features like True Vertical Shooting for social-media-optimized shots. Whether you’re capturing an epic road trip, or just a day in your own backyard, Mini 3 is up for the moment.

DJI RS 3 Mini

DJI RS 3 Mini, the first mini version of the RS series, is a small and lightweight handheld stabilizer with powerful payload capacity. Compatible with general mirrorless camera and lens combinations, inheriting the excellent anti-vibration performance of the RS3 series. Unleash your recording possibilities and create professional productions with ease with the DJI RS 3 Mini.


DJI Osmo Action 3

Push any adventure beyond the edge with Osmo Action 3. It features a quick-release design for easy horizontal and vertical mounting, and full-color touchscreens on the front and rear for effortless control of parameters and playback. With additional breakthroughs in cold resistance, battery life, and waterproof capability, there’s never been a better time to take action.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6

Osmo Mobile 6 is an intelligent smartphone stabilizer packed with creative features. It’s not only compact and easily foldable to fit in your palm, but also launches automatically once unfolded to capture shots at a moment’s notice. Get dynamic angles and perfect selfies by using the built-in extension rod. A whole host of intelligent functions and guides are at your disposal. The DJI Mimo app facilitates efficient shooting, editing, and sharing, allowing you to catch every unforgettable moment.


DJI Osmo Mobile SE

Create Magnetic Moments
Unfold, snap-in, and start rolling. Osmo Mobile SE’s lightweight foldable body and magnetic quick-release design make it easy to carry and capture at a moment’s notice. With the newly added status panel, you can switch gimbal modes with the push of a button. An array of intelligent features helps to dynamically shoot and highlight moments, adding a creative flair to anything you want to capture.


DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise

The Mavic 3 Enterprise redefines industry standards for small commercial drones. With a mechanical shutter, a 56× zoom camera, and
an RTK module for centimeter-level precision, the Mavic 3E brings mission efficiency to new heights. A thermal version is available for
firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations.


Mavic 3 Classic

Pure imaging that shatters expectations

Mavic 3 Classic is designed to unlock authentic imaging in its purest and most spectacular form.

With powerful flight performance and a Hasselblad camera, Mavic 3 Classic delivers the absolute essence of flagship imaging. Take it on any adventure to create unforgettable work.


Where Agility Meets Toughness

Compact and lightweight, DJI Avata is nimble in tight spaces. Every aspect of its design was made for you to be bold. The built-in propeller guard means that if Avata comes in contact with an object, it can bounce back, stay in the air, and can keep on flying.

Discover a Freedom
That Comes From Being Airborne

DJI Avata Pro-View Combo


The mini-sized, mega-capable DJI Mini 3 Pro is just as powerful as it is portable. Weighing less than 249 g and with upgraded safety features, it’s not only regulation-friendly, it’s also the safest in its series. With a 1/1.3-inch sensor and top-tier features, it redefines what it means to fly Mini.

The Mini 3 Pro sports a completely new look that is optimized to get more out of every flight. With larger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a powerful obstacle sensing system, the streamlined design allows for increased flight time and safety.

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DJI Mini 3 Pro + Smart Controller


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DJI M30 Drone

The DJI Matrice 30 is DJI Enterprise’s flagship drone. It fits in a backpack and can be used with the DJI Dock (Dock Version) for autonomous deployment.The M30 has an IP55 weather-rating, making it ideal for missions in hostile environments. It is the fastest, easiest high-performance DJI Enterprise drone to set up.
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DJI M30 Drone

Iconic Swedish brand Hasselblad has designed and built the L2D-20c aerial camera just for the DJI Mavic 3, embedding a professional-grade 4/3 CMOS in an unbelievably compact space. Rigorous Hasselblad standards are applied to both hardware performance and software algorithms, bringing imaging quality to an entirely new level.

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DJI Mavic 3 Cine Combo


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DJIRonin RS3


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DJI M30 Dock

The DJI Dock is rugged, reliable, and  built to operate 24/7,
day or night, rain or shine.
Each DJI Dock houses a Matrice 30 where it lands, recharges, takes off, and autonomously executes missions programmed in DJI FlightHub 2.

DJI Docks are built to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to. With FlightHub 2, unlock full DJI Dock functionality from the cloud. Schedule missions, create and edit flight routes, and manage data collected.
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The innovative magnetic design lets you effortlessly swap out accessories as you capture life on the go. From parkour to park walks, break the mold with DJI Action 2.
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DJI Action 2 Dual Screen Combo


Delivery in 5-7 working days from our off-site warehouse.

DJI OM 6 gives users the ability to film with flawless stabilization, resulting in smooth footage that wows. Loaded with some of the smartest algorithms made, OM 6 adapts to your movements while filming, whether you’re riding a bike or using gesture control. That means ultra-smooth results. Anytime. Anywhere.
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DJI Osmo Mobile 6



With powerful performance, the DJI RC Pro was made for professional aerial photography. RC Pro runs on a stable and smooth system, thanks to its latest-generation processor and expanded storage capacity. RC Pro is built with powerful O3+ video transmission technology and adopts the same control stick design of DJI FPV for more precise maneuvering. DJI RC Pro elevates the experience of flight with unparalleled control.

The Zenmuse H20N integrates starlight sensors into its zoom and wide-angle cameras. Pair this with dual zoom thermal cameras and a laser rangefinder, and you have a versatile hybrid payload that rises to the occasion.
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DJI Zenmuse H20N

Capable of maintaining a 1080p/60fps live feed from up to 15 km away with a latency as low as 120 ms, the DJI RC Pro includes an integrated 5.5-inch 1080p screen that reaches a brightness of 1000 nits. This long-lasting high-bright display is perfect for its Outdoor mode, automatically enhancing details for a clear display, even under direct sunlight. 
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